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May/June Report

Been slack on posting any reports for the last few months with being so busy running trips but here are some pics from some outings.

I have been fishing both flats and inshore wrecks/jetty trips with some pretty good days in both areas. Still having some decent days in the flats chasing reds fly/spin tackle with more sucess with spin and bait then anything else with the amount of baitfish around right now.still getting a few shots at reds with fly as long as we have favorable tides/weather for any sight fishing conditions most early mornings. Flood tides are going to be the best chance of getting some sight fishing in for the nest few months and can be some exciting fishing with fly/spin tackle.

At the jetties/wrecks my clients had some good days on the water chasing Ajs, Cobia, Snappers, Bull Reds, Spanish Macks, Bonito, and Sharks.

IMG 8063
IMG 8055
IMG 7859
IMG 8068
IMG 8191
IMG 8184
IMG 8399
IMG 7918
IMG 7902
IMG 7842
IMG 7993
IMG 8409
IMG 8196
IMG 8152
IMG 7947
IMG 8132
IMG 7935
IMG 7899
IMG 8010
IMG 8145
IMG 8142
IMG 8136
IMG 7994
IMG 7857
IMG 8140
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